About Us


HBA’s mission is to energize and enhance Hoboken’s business environment and to maximize consumer engagement through collaborative alliances with businesses, government and community to create a place where small businesses desire to be and thrive.

OBJECTIVE : Create a beautiful, art filled, safe, accessible and prosperous business district which attracts all of our citizens and visitors to shop, eat, play and stay in Hoboken.
GOALS : Physical commercial transformation – resulting in clean, aesthetically charming commercial buildings with curb appeal and landscaping that serve as a market brand for stores offering unique goods and services.
BUSINESS ATTRACTION AND RETENTION : helping new and diverse quality businesses join what they view as a solidly established and viable commercial community.
VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS AND EVENTS : impacting everyday experiences in public spaces with Arts, Culture and creative place-making.


The Hoboken Business Alliance (HBA), a Special Improvement District established by the Hoboken City Council, was formed to improve the district’s area and stimulate business in Hoboken. The HBA is here to advocate for a safe, accessible and prosperous improvement district that attracts residents and visitors to shop, eat, play and stay in Hoboken. HBA’s Board Of Directors is comprised of established Hoboken property and business owners. Board of Directors meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month with allowances for federal holidays. To download the PDF document of scheduled Board Meetings, please click here. We encourage all members, stakeholders and other interested parties to be active. To download the OPRA form, please click here



   Roxanne Earley