Hoboken is rich in American History. Aside from being the hometown of Frank Sinatra, it’s the birthplace of Baseball, where the first organized game was played on June 19, 1846. You can see the marker that commemorates the historic moment at 11th and Washington Street. Did you know the Waffle Cone, the zipper, the Oreo Cookie, Maxwell House Coffee, Lipton Tea, Steven’s Institute of Technology (first mechanical engineering college in the U.S.), America’s first yacht club and the first American Brewery all started here, in Hoboken?

Hoboken was also home to the Turtle Club (now Saku) whose members included George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Did you know The Mile Square City played a critical role in World War One? Known as “Heaven, Hell or Hoboken, the city’s docks served as the starting point and destination for U.S. soldiers. To learn more about Hoboken’s incredible history, visit

Birthplace of Baseball

The first official recorded baseball game was played in Hoboken on June 19th, 1846 where the New York Nine defeated the New York Knickerbockers.

Maxwell House Coffee Plant

The Maxwell House Coffee Plant, built in 1938, stretched along Hoboken’s waterfront from Tenth to Twelfth Street. It was a marvel of its time, the largest coffee processing plant in the world.

Home of the Waffle Cone

On Dec. 13, 1903, an ice cream vendor from Hoboken, Marchiony, patented his design for a crispy conical vessel (from baked waffles) that comfortably held a creamy scoop, was cheap to make and -- best of all -- was edible.

World War 1

Hoboken was the main point of embarkation for United States Forces, as they headed to fight the WWI in Europe.

The Oreo Cookie

The first Oreo ever sold was in Hoboken, NJ on March 6th, 1912. It has since grown into the #1 cookie!

The Kid From Hoboken

Frank Sinatra, born and raised in Hoboken, was America’s first teen heartthrob, earning another nickname – “Swoonatra” – after girls started fainting at his concerts during the 1940s.


The zipper was invented in Hoboken, NJ and manufactured by Hoboken’s Automatic Hook & Eye Co. in the late 19th Century.


The first kindergarten class in the U.S. took place at Hoboken Academy on 5th St. It opened on February 11, 1861.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Founded in 1870 by the Stevens family. The family was often called America's “first family of engineering” for the many inventions they created or improved including the steam-powered boat and railroads.