Why Hoboken


Hoboken is a great place to plant your business. As the fourth most densely populated city in the country, It’s a vibrant, welcoming community that offers so much in its one square mile. For more information on starting a business here in Hoboken, visit https://www.hobokennj.gov/business-home.


1. History of Business Firsts – A city with a very rich history. Not only the birthplace of baseball and Sinatra. But also the city that has brought America a number of well-known firsts in a variety of businesses.
2. Great Place For Employees – Demographics in Hoboken provide opportunities to attract young work-force for any company. The median age of Hoboken residents is 31, which is nine years younger that the median age across NJ. With its walkability, energy, abundance of restaurants, and shops, beautiful waterways and views, Hoboken is an attractive place to work.
3. So Easy to Get To Here – Whether you’re an employee commuting to work or a visitor shopping or dining in Hoboken, there’s an abundance of easy ways to get here. There’s no shortage of mass transit options, including NJ Transit buses and trains, PATH and NY Waterway Ferry. And, for those driving, there are many parking garages throughout the city. And, as a bonus, Newark Airport is just a short drive away.
4. Local Spending Power – With a median household income is 127K, more than 50K higher than the median household in-come in the state of NJ, Hoboken residents have spending power. And with a quick commute and plenty of options to come into Hoboken from places like NYC and Jersey City, there is a great opportunity to bring in many others who are looking to eat out or shop.