Through the Windows

Hoboken will once again be transformed into a community-wide public gallery! 


From May 1st until mid-June the Hoboken Business Alliance will present the largest outdoor art exhibit in our region with the help of the city’s vibrant business community. Storefront windows will be transformed with works from local artists on display. A quick scan of an accompanying QR code will provide residents and visitors with a detailed map of participating storefronts as well as more information on the artists and their work.


“Hoboken has long been known as a city that celebrates its artists and there is no better way to do that than to make their work more accessible to as large an audience as possible,” Roxanne Earley, Executive Director of the Hoboken Business Alliance said. “’Through the Windows’ effectively turns every participating business into a gallery space and will once again encourage residents and visitors alike to experience all that our City has to offer.”

#AHobokenArtWalk Map

A Through the Windows map to the displayed art in over 90 locations across Hoboken. Take a self-guided tour around the Mile Square City through June 15th.

Through The Windows Bingo Card

Add an extra element of fun while exploring the displayed art in over 90 locations across Hoboken.